Welcome to the eTOS
An internet data collection facility for the Full Range Leadership Model assessments
at individual team and culture levels:

MLQTeam - Shared Team Leadership Assessment
ODQ - Leadership Culture of Organisations and Departments
MLQS - Individual self-rating leadership questionnaire

Each assessment results in a comprehensive profile report.

These assessments are based on the internationally well-validated and reliable Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM™ Bass and Avolio). This model:

  • establishes where the 'goal posts' are in the leadership arena
  • provides a game plan for achieving increased leadership effectiveness and group and organisational performance
  • is driven by a range of different outcomes which give improved benefits for followers, associates and others
  • assists individuals, groups and organisations achieve potentials 'beyond current expectations'
The Full Range Leadership Model is arguably the most thoroughly researched international leadership assessment theory today. It enables diagnosis of effective and ineffective individual and group influencing styles, the setting of optimal shared team leadership benchmarks, and the shaping of the most effective organisational leadership cultures.

Customised Surveys - Stand alone

In addition to the FRLM assessments, eTOS also provides stand-alone customised survey capability.

Should you have any questions, contact the MLQ Office, email (info@mlq.com.au) or phone (61-7-3833 1288) or your facilitator for this project.

The MLQ team.

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